Advances in Production Management Systems

گروه:علوم انسانیسال چاپ:2014
رشته:مالیشماره ویرایش:1
نویسنده:Bernard Grabot , Bruno Vallespir , Samuel Gomes , Abdelaziz Bouras , Dimitris Kiritsisتعداد صفحات:628
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توضیحات:Abstract. Product Life Cycle (PLC) has been used to analyze the be-havior of a product during its time of production. The success of enter-prises depends on its capacity of aligning Supply Chain Strategy (SCS) with PLC. The purpose of this work was to develop a model to align the right SCS with PLC stage. This research shows three case studies and results provides that different companies used diverse approaches on managing life cycle of its products. However, they were successful in reaching competitive advantage due to correct alignment between SCS with PLC. Introduction.The results of a company are connected directly to the adopted strategy. An enterprise may aspire total quality of its products, but if it uses an aggressive cost reduction strategy, may not achieve the desired result. In fact, it is fundamental to an organization to align market, production and business strategy to reach its goals.
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