Data Mining Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques

گروه:علوم فنی و مهندسیسال چاپ:2017
رشته:کامپیوترشماره ویرایش:4
نویسنده:Christopher J. Pal,Mark A. Hall,Eibe Frank,Ian H. Wittenتعداد صفحات:655
مترجم:نوع فایل:pdf
توضیحات:The convergence of computing and communication has produced a society that feeds on information. Yet most of the information is in its raw form: data. If data is characterized as recorded facts, then information is the set of patterns, or expectations, that underlie the data. There is a huge amount of information locked up in databases—information that is potentially important but has not yet been discovered or articulated. Our mission is to bring it forth.
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