Information Security

گروه:علوم فنی و مهندسیسال چاپ:2005
رشته:کامپیوترشماره ویرایش:1
نویسنده:Alan Calderتعداد صفحات:193
مترجم:نوع فایل:pdf
توضیحات:This book was designed, and is intended to be used, as both a digital and an analogue (that is, dual online and hardcopy) resource. The speed of evolution in computing and of the internet means that any book on information security starts going out of date fairly quickly. On top of that, there is a six- to eight-month gap between completing the text for and the publication of a hard-covered book. This inevitably means that many technologies that were new, new-ish but inadequately tested, or still only dreams at the point I completed the text could not be included in the analogue version of this book. The reader should therefore assume, from the outset, that the KnowledgeBank at is essential and should use it on a regular basis in order to access the most current information on the issues covered in this book.
تعداد بازدید: 911

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