Solutions Manual to accompany Communication Systems

گروه:علوم فنی و مهندسیسال چاپ:2002
رشته:کامپیوترشماره ویرایش:4
نویسنده:A. Bruce Carlson, Paul B. Crilly, Janet C. Rutledgeتعداد صفحات:299
مترجم:نوع فایل:pdf
توضیحات:The contents, or parts thereof, may be reproduced in print form solely for classroom use with COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS: AN INTRODUCTION TO SIGNALS AND NOISE IN ELECTRICAL COMMUNICATION, provided such reproductions bear copyright notice, but may not be reproduced in any other form or for any other purpose without the prior written consent of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., including, but not limited to, in any network or other electronic storage or transmission, or broadcast for distance learning.
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