History of Corporate Governance around the World

گروه:علوم انسانیسال چاپ:2007
رشته:مالیشماره ویرایش:2
نویسنده:Randall K. Morck تعداد صفحات:700
مترجم:نوع فایل:pdf
توضیحات:This book differs from most conference volumes, for it is not a collection of more or less independent research articles. Rather, each set of authors was asked to provide a history of corporate gov-ernance in a given country, beginning as early as necessary to explain how that country came to its current state. Inevitably, great mercantile families, politics, and institutional development interact. Each chapter went through repeated revisions, as one set of authors embraced ideas raised by another in a long process that ultimately converged on the pages that follow. I am deeply grateful to the esteemed authors and discussants of this volume, some of the world’s very best financial economists and economic historians, who took up my challenge to explore this little-known but critically impor-tant research frontier. This volume, quite literally, capitalizes thousands of hours of their work
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