گروه:علوم انسانیسال چاپ:2004
رشته:مدیریتشماره ویرایش:2
نویسنده:William J. Rothwell, H.C. Kazanasتعداد صفحات:209
مترجم:نوع فایل:pdf
توضیحات:This book is written for trainers, although many others—including supervisors, operating managers, and experienced employees—may benefit from it. A departure from other treatments of OJT that focus attention on one-on-one training methods only, this book is an action guide that describes how to establish and operate a comprehensive OJT program geared to all job categories in one organizational culture. Such a program, we believe, will improve employee performance and increase organizational profitability. This book can also be used to improve one-on-one OJT conducted by supervisors or co-workers and can thus serve as a reference guide for developing train-the-trainer experiences.
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