Facilities Management

گروه:علوم انسانیسال چاپ:2003
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نویسنده:Keith Alexanderتعداد صفحات:196
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توضیحات:‘Theory and practice’ runs the title of this book, as if these were independent features rather than the two totally interdependent facets which should be present in every management operation. The Oxford Dictionary of course defines practice as ‘action as opposed to theory’ and theory as ‘ideas or suppositions in general (contrasted with practice)’, but it then qualifies this as ‘a set of ideas formulated (by reasoning from known facts)…’ implying that theory does have some kind of basis in reality! Facilities management is firmly established as an academic discipline in the higher education sector in the United Kingdom. Many universities offer facilities management courses and modules, most prominently in the built environment subject area. As the nature of facilities management has become more recognized, and as the role of the intelligent client has developed, greater emphasis is being given to strategic issues and to organization and management skills. Facilities management has developed from its technical base to become more of a management discipline.
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